Founder | Photographer

Kayte was born and raised in Maine, created and developed Mass Musings in Boston, moved to Los Angeles for a year of creative inspiration and now lives in Denver. Her style can't be defined as it is always changing but she thinks that's what makes life fun! Kayte created Mass Musings in August of 2012 and has since been pouring her soul into forging a space where individuals can congregate to find creative inspiration. On weekends you can find her dancing like a fool at shows, snapping pictures of random things that catch her eye, or exploring new places with friends. Her addictions include, puppies, note cards, colorful textiles, and music. Want more from Kayte? Follow her on social media below. 



Kate is a professional videographer based out of Denver, Colorado. A Florida native, Kate graduated from the University of Florida where she studied Production and worked in Broadcast Engineering. Her unique eye and composition behind the camera has allowed her to create captivating moving images and videos for personal and commercial clients. Kate’s goal is to create media that provokes the human mind to not only see new perspectives, but to do more. Aside from spending time in the mountains and with her dog, Maverick, she enjoys good food and good music. Her motto is “a milkshake a day, keeps the doctor away.” Kate strives to not only making branded content that’s authentic, but inspiring. Previous commercial clients include the likes of Red Bull and One1 Brands.


Wade Holland is an adventure and lifestyle personality with years of video production experience. He works with small to large size brands to bring them to life through engaging original video content and through an unmatched energy.

He creates unique experiences as a personality, emcee, and television host while bringing brands to life through video storytelling with an original, fresh energy.

As a personality, he hosts a variety of programs from digital series, to brand features, as well as national corporate events. His specialty is original adventure lifestyle content. He creates premium content for brands and organizations that helps to increase exposure and define or evolve their specific brand voice.


Music Contributor

 Drew was raised in Needham, Massachusetts and graduated from Gettysburg College in 2012. While fashion may not be his strong suit, Drew’s knack for compiling unique and fun playlists on his SoundCloud landed him a spot as the unofficial music intern at Mass Musings during the summer of 2014. Drew considers himself a Disco-junkie and often refers to himself as DJ Disco Drew (though his friends and colleagues deny ever using the nickname). Regarding his taste, Drew notes that he prefers bass-driven, “sexy” electronic genres but originally discovered his love of music through classic rock artists such as The Beatles, Led Zepplin, and The Eagles. In addition to his musical contributions, Drew also doubles as the impromptu photographer for Mass Musings. 



Alexandra was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  She recently moved to Boston with her husband + puppy, and began politely enforcing Canadian stereotypes all over town.   You can usually find her at home in her studio, where she works as a freelance graphic designer.  Sometimes, she blogs about finding balance, pretty things and making a home away from home.  Alex likes a lot of things, but loves traveling, yoga, photography, design, food + drinks, pastels, polka dots and punk rock.  Follow her blog and adventures in social media below.



Juliana Moskow is a freelance photographer, originally from Austin, Texas but currently based in Denver, Colorado specializing in portraiture, lifestyle and live music events. She loves connecting with her subjects capturing the uniqueness among people and subcultures. Her most recent project "The Millennials" is an exploration of her peers and connections to demystify the often-misunderstood generation. Through her extensive personal and community connections, Juliana honestly reveals her subjects' humanity and light.

Juliana is an acclaimed photographer in the Denver scene. She is currently the house photographer at Temple Nightclub and has worked with many of Denver's top clubs and events including Cervantes Masterpiece, High Voltage Collective, Monday Night Menagerie, Shamanic Boom, Arise and Sonic Bloom including musicians such as, Desert Dwellers, Run DMT, Yheti, Space Jesus and Getter.



Heather is currently a student at UMass Boston studying Psychology and Nutrition. For work she makes swanky drinks bar tending in downtown Boston. In her spare time she enjoys art, playing with her sweet bunny, adventuring through nature (admiring the plants, animals, and flowers) and of course living and promoting a healthy lifestyle! Exercise, recipes, nutritional information and awareness are her passions and spreading knowledge and love is her goal. Heather is here to create a healthy life, body and world - one day at a time!