I’m about to get 100% Human on you.

It’s 5:57 PM and I’m sitting on my couch, staring out the window at the view from my apartment. It’s an alley view which some might not find attractive but honestly, I prefer it. I love the secretive feeling of it. It’s almost as if you’re watching as a third party and the alley way is really the set of a Broadway play. Which is ironic in a way because sometimes I feel as if my life is turning into a production. Everything is so surreal to me lately that I’m not sure which end is up. I’ve only been in Denver for 4 months, but it feels like at least 6. I made the jump to full-time creative only a month ago, but I could swear it’s more like 2. Everything is just a little off, a little different than my expectations… similar to my life compared to what I thought it would be. When I was a child there was no way you could convince me that I would be the person I am today. The things I’m into and the person I am is literally and figuratively a country’s distance away from what I was brought up in. It’s wild how that develops. How you wake up one day and you’re like wow… this is different…. it just sort of happened.

It’s now 6:02 PM and my ADHD mind has me rambling about life when I wanted this to be more of a commentary on the creative scene in Denver. I was staring out my window initially because I was feeling thankful for what transpired today. Today I got to help produce a commercial for a well-known food company. The project involved interviewing people about if they liked the meal they were eating – energetic responses were encouraged. My role in the shoot was to ask the questions… aka I got to talk with random people and have a purposeful interaction… aka is this a dream that I get to do really cool projects with a creative agency that’s run by people who are so kind and thoughtful and driven and amazing? Yes. It feels a bit like a dream. I’m so thankful. I’m thankful that even after a really really difficult year in LA, those experiences lead me to Denver. I’m thankful that I have people in my life who love me enough to push me but support me. I’m thankful that I get to wake up every day, actually happy for once, and hustling to do what I love. I’m happy that this time, the fear that I feel is a good thing, instead of crippling and debilitating. I’m happy that I just said alright well this is happening right now and there’s no turning back.

I’ve honestly never felt so alive.

If that’s not some type of sign or signifier… I don’t know what is.

6:10 PM and this post didn’t go anything like I thought it was going to but it feels right. All of my friends who are doing creative things are ON ONE right now and I can literally (not figuratively) feel it from all sides of the world. I’m experiencing these people producing some of the best work I’ve seen from them. They’re getting incredible and deserved opportunities in their respective fields. They’re participating in collaborations that are truly inspired. They’re pushing themselves to a level of artistic expression that is nothing short of spectacular (i.e FUCKING DOPE AND I’M SUCH A PROUD FRIEND).

6:13 PM – I’m done. Off to go do something else.

Photography by Alex Pettinato


Jeans: c/o Madewell, Shoes: Franco Sarto, Shirt: c/o ** Everlane, Sunglasses: Free People

** All 100% Human shirts support the ACLU **

2 thoughts on “100% HUMAN

  1. Kyle!

    (1) Love you Kayte. Keep following your heart and stay gold. Behind you all the way.

    (2) The beginning of this write-up reminded me of a very old Alfred Hitchcock movie, starring Jimmy Stewart, called Rear Window. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a photographer that Is recovering from injury, confined to a wheelchair, with nothing to do but state out the “rear window” of his NYC apartment. He learns things about the people he watches, and sees things that get his imagination to run wild…Definitely worth the watch if you have the time for a classic

    • Wow- that sounds so interesting! Thank you for the suggestion, I’ll definitely watch it. And thank you for the support as always 🙂

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