Photography by Juliana Moskow

Freelancing. A daunting word for many of us who call that our profession. There are so many pros to being your own boss – the freedom that comes with creating your own schedule and choosing work that resonates with you are two of the highest reasons on my list. While it’s extremely difficult to establish credibility and make it as a freelancer, 35% of Americans are working as independent contractors. So how can we streamline our focus and wade through the distractions to rise above the competition? I’ve compiled 6 of my top tips for my own productivity – I hope they can help you too! 

  1.  Find an inspiring space to concentrate. I’m a huge fan of coffee shops. My ADHD makes it entirely too difficult to concentrate unless I have things going on around me to quell the constant need for stimulation. I also love to be surrounded by quality aesthetic and energizing vibes. Thus, coffee shops are my go – to. When I’m surrounded by like-minded people and can glance up to a space that is visually pleasing, I feel more energized and inspired to work. Co-working spaces and lifestyle boutiques are also great options!

  2. Music. Because I need constant stimulation to hone in on one thing, it’s super helpful for me to tune out the external noise with music playing in the background. It gets me amped, puts me in a better, more creative mood, and helps me zone in on the task at hand. I made a special playlist to get you started (scroll down to play).

  3. Community and collaboration. The best part about freelancing for me is being able to be autonomous and creating my own schedule. Don’t ignore those feelings of loneliness though – they can lead to burn out or lethargy. In order to combat this, I like to invite other freelancers or creatives to come and work with me. I’ve found that simply sharing a space and sharing energy with another person ups my productivity and is helpful to bounce ideas around.

  4. Take advantage of creating your own schedule. Being able to plan your day on your terms is a huge benefit to being an independent contractor. That being said, it can be too easy to get sucked into the notion that you must be working and hustling at all times. News flash: you don’t. Schedule in things like yoga and other wellness related activities to keep your mental health in check. Sometimes stepping away for a bit is exactly what you need to be productive and focused.

  5. Healthy meals. I often get stuck in the cycle of snacks and coffee and snacks and coffee. I’ll never give up my caffeinated fuel but it helps so much (and keeps you more alert and focused!) to plan in healthier ways to get nutrients. Think acai bowls, smoothies, salads. There are plenty of places that focus on healthy eating on the go, so make an effort to elevate your lunch game, or at least pack a health snack to tide you over until you’re home and can eat a balanced meal.

  6. Lists. If you’re anything like me, you have 17,000 TO DO lists in various different places. Start your day by picking 3-5 tasks that need to get done by the end of day. They should range in difficulty so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or burnt out. For example, if you have a few simple tasks (like answering a quick email or posting on social media) balanced with more robust tasks that might have moving parts (pitching a brand for a huge collaboration), you will feel less like you’re drowning and more like you’re making real progress. BONUS: If you like apps and online organization, I would recommend Asana. One stop shop for all of your personal and professional organizing needs.




  1. This playlist is fiiiiire

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