Raise your hand if you like to have a good time. Now raise your hand if you like to have a good time and support an incredible cause.

Alexander Ingram of A Boston Blazer is teaming up with some pretty great folks to raise money for innovative vaccine research at Massachusetts General Hospital. Mass General’s Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) aims to quicken the development of new treatments to help fight diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Whether you know someone who has suffered from a deadly disease, or you just want to spread awareness about vaccinations, I urge you to at least check this out. Having just lost an uncle to a hideous cancer, I’m all to familiar with the need for new treatments. Alex’s mission of raising money and awareness is a noble one and I couldn’t be more happy to support him in his efforts!

The event will be held on August 2nd, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at Myopia Polo [435 Bay Rd, South Hamilton, MA 01982]. This is the perfect event to get dressy, sip lots of cocktails and mingle while watching skilled polo athletes play for charity. What are you waiting for?

Buy your tickets now!

Still not sold? Check out how much fun people had last year and you’ll probably change your mind!

Photography: Sam Shorr

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