That urge to go and travel,
Where many seas collide,
Where mountains seasoned with our grace,
In rich old forests hide.

It’s something very pretty,
A nomadic sort of trust,
Journeying the world all over,
With a case of wanderlust.

Daniel Thorne

Last Friday, I met up with Madeline of Madeline Barr Photography for a city adventure. It was foggy, one of those days where the weather adds a certain layer of mystery and intrigue to seemingly mundane things. I think that often times people think that you have to explore something spectacular to quell the feelings of wanderlust. In reality, you can explore something as simple as a parking garage and it can introduce you to an incredible view that you may not have seen otherwise. Or perhaps you’re walking along a path near the ocean and you happen to look down just in time to notice that the docks around you are covered in unidentifiable bones. 

Wanderlust and adventure don’t have to be romanticized to be meaningful. Sometimes going on an adventure with a new friend is all you need to feel happy.


You can follow Madeline here and here for more awesome adventures!

Jeans: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: a corner stand in NYC, Cuff: 310 Rosemont, Shoes: Faryl Robin

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One thought on “ADVENTURER

  1. Sounds like the perfect day! What fun to meet a fellow blogger.
    #confident -twosday linkup

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