Hailing from Spain, Alex Ferrer has been in the music industry since his early teens and claims that he’s probably “been in every club ever built on the globe”. While Alex’s taste ranges across many genres of electronic music, he’s gained global notoriety for his unique brand of House music which was heavily influenced by an upbringing of Latin, Funk, Disco and Soul. In addition, like many of the producers we’ve featured on Mass Musings, his background in Garage (otherwise known as UK Garage) combines ‘shuffling’ hi-hats and beat skipping kick-drums with traditional House music resulting in a diverse quality sound that matches his distinctive image.

Alex is also the Founder of Deeplomatic Recordings, a label which has released a plethora of quality House tracks like “In Time” by Joeski, “People Want Music” by Gene Hunt, and “Deeplow” by legendary House producer Paul Johnson.  Rather than label his artists as “producers” or “DJs”, Alex likes to refer to his label-mates as “mood magicians” because he values their ability to “create feelings with a bunch of electronic devices”.

Oh, and did we mention that he loves to party? Alex is the co-founder of Coincidance Music Festival (images featured above) an underground electronic music event held every year in a hand-picked location across the globe. Past festivals have been held in amazing locations like Playa Del Carmen, Ibiza, and Bali.

Through Deeplomatic and Coincidance Alex is a true testament to the power and impact that underground music can have on the entire industry – and his true-house sound servers as an inspiration for young producers around the globe who are looking to share their love of music with a crowd of listeners that’s constantly pining for the next legendary track.

A successful solo career has offered Alex is opportunity to work on other projects like Moonkey, which features an intelligent, driving strain of Deep/Tech House music that’s a bit different from his usual sound. He’s also worked with fellow producer, Raye, on some amazing tracks like “Paparazzi Love” which was released on Deeplomatic earlier this year.

A little while back we had the pleasure of asking Alex a few questions about his life, his music, Deeplomatic Recordings and Coincidance Music Festival. Enjoy!

Your music seems to have a distinct Latin flare – could you tell us a little about your influences? How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your music before?

I have always been influenced by Garage, Funky and Disco, my latest productions along with fellow artist Raye are a bit darker, more in the tech-house genre, but as the leopard does not change its spots you can always get some proper funk in my sets.

Who’s your biggest influence? Either in music or in general.

Well, I bought some cassettes from DJ Sneak back in the early nineties in Toronto and that was a real source of inspiration, would also mention Derrick Carter as a DJ, awesome artist.

The majority of the interviews we’ve had on Mass Musings have focused on artists from either the UK or the US – tell us a little bit about the scene in Spain – what makes it different from its European counterparts?

The scene here is completely different, I mean yes, we have Ibiza, but the white island is not a reflection of the Spanish scene, actually Spain has lost part of the magic that it used to have a while ago due to government regulations, big fines and raids are our daily bread nowadays… Elections are just around the corner though, so we might recover our clubbing identity soon…

You are the founder of Deeplomatic Recordings, what’s it been like to found your own label?

The idea of creating a record label was in my head for several years. What I wanted to do basically was to unify some of the best artist of the scene into one label and to bring new and exciting young producers. That’s the nice and fun part of course, once you see all the bureaucracy it has behind and the massive competitive market that you are involved it makes you rethink the whole idea.

What do you look for in a Deeplomatic artist?

We are always in the search of charismatic, hardworking producers who know how to create feelings with a bunch of electronic devices, I´d rather called them mood magicians…

Are there any releases in particular that we should check out?

I´d highly recommend checking the last EP we released from Joeski or Terrence Parker, dope!

You are also involved in a music festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. What can you tell us about Coincidance?

Well, Coincidance was conceived at Burning Man couple of years ago along with partner in crime Fernan Left, so you can get an idea about where did we found the inspiration to create the festival… We are running the second edition this NYE, with a better than ever line up and an extra day added to the festival so it looks quite promising, but what really makes Coincidance Music Festival special is the vibe, the people and of course the exclusive locations; 2 of the best beach clubs in Playa del Carmen, an impressive rooftop pool in a gorgeous hotel, a stylish catamaran and, of course, the legendary jungle party in the Dali-style tree house.

Confirmed headliners so far? Crazy P, Jimpster, Axel Boman, Einmusik, Martin Eyerer, Burnski, Jay Haze, Eduardo de la Calle, Fred Everything, Balcazar & Sordo, Terrence Parker, Ninetones and 20 more artists…crazy NYE in Playa del Carmen!!

Ummm.. “Secret Jungle Party?” Please tell us more.

The Secret Jungle Party takes place in Sacbe in a Dali-style inspired tree house. It´s about a 10-15 min drive from the center of Playa del Carmen and it’s definitely the icing on the cake; shamanic cocktails, natural swimming pools (cenotes), insane performances and some of the best underground music… 12 hours non-stop…If you are lucky you might even get abducted by some sexy goddess!!

What acts were you most impressed with a last year’s Coincidance festival?

Hands down for Paul Johnson, he was playing for six hours at the jungle party and never wanted to stop!

What’s the best act you’ve seen in 2015 so far?

Definitely impressed by Axel Boman and Kornel Kovacs set in the Into the Valley Festival in Sweden; I was actually booking them right after the set…  

What are you listening to right now?

Always try not to get stuck into one genre in particular, but listening to a lot of French and Swedish house lately.

 What inspires you?

 Japanese food, funky stuff, a sandy beach and flowers (especially the green and vaporized ones).

 Do you have anything new coming up that you’d like us to check out?

Sure, I´ve just released my latest EP with Raye, “Paparazzi Love” an EP that combines modern grooves in deep, tech house.

The EP is an epiphany that we had one day in the studio while on top of our creative inspiration and resulted in two tracks:

The Wait” is composed by a sequence of sounds sent like a fishing line to the depths of the psyche, it returns with a portentous melody that winds and wanders until exploding midway thru the piece in a burst of restrained creating a spellbinding track which sounds as good on your stereo at home as it does on the dance floor.

Paparazzi Love”, the ones that gives name to the EP, is full of melodic emotions filled with delicate grooves and sensitive vocals that will leave you with a shaking sensation deep into your bones.

Fully recommended!!

We’d like to thank Alex and his team for the amazing interview and for being so awesome to work with over the last few weeks. We hope you all enjoyed the interview and make sure you check out some of Alex’s hottest tracks below also with all the releases from Deeplomatic including their latest release “Them Groovy Keys” by Terrence Parker — it’s a banger!

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