Photography by Kayte Demont


The main objective of the Mass Musings Meetups are to build community through collaboration, friendship, support and creativity. As we’ve grown and gotten bigger, and as we’ve started to really put roots down in Denver, our meetups have grown larger and more interactive. I’m proud to announce that this year we have had at least 3 brand new faces at every meetup, most of them being brand new to the city! It feels amazing to see so many people resonating with the message that we represent.

For our May meetup, I teamed up with Crys Shannon of Algorythm Designs to create a unique opportunity for the creative community in Denver to come together and collaborate on a high-level production. Our hope was to provide space for creatives to expand their breadth of work, gain valuable experience that they can easily apply to their own businesses, and network with other people who are stepping up to the plate in Denver.


Photo by Jessica Savage



Photo by Claire Oswald

Our goal was to use this meetup as a free event to support the Denver creative community. We geared it towards models and photographers who were looking to gain more experience and add to their brand portfolio. Crys was on site to coach styling and branding while I was on site to coach creative direction and photography. Experiencing the beauty of so many people showing up with their A game made me feel humbled and so proud of what we are building. Honestly, the energy was electric – everyone feeding off each other, each shot better and more enticing than the next. What was left was a wildly successful, professional quality photoshoot, with lots of content for both Crys, myself, and everyone else involved to use it share.


Photo by Claire Oswald


When Crys and I started planning this meetup, we couldn’t contain our excitement! We both have such a strong belief that community is key when building your business and I think I can safely speak for both of us when I say we are humbled and invigorated by every single person who supported this meetup. This particular event was so incredible to see come to life because we saw over 20 people flow in and out over the course of about 3 hours – some people even stopped into a bar and got the staff on board on their way over! What was created by these incredible humans was some of the most collaborative and creative content I’ve seen in a while. The energy was so strong and so bonding that people couldn’t help but produce some of their best work!


Photo by Claire Oswald


It wasn’t just the energy between the creators that was electric. The social media buzz generated around this was wild! I haven’t seen our engagement spike like that in a while. By doing events like this that benefit everyone, it becomes clear to our audiences how fun and genuine we are/our experiences are. People want to be a part of something and this was exactly that for both the creators and their audiences. Now, everyone has an incredible experience to add to their portfolios and an abundance of content!

Contrary to what some people want us to believe, there truly is room in this world for all of us to succeed. Treat people with kindness and respect, give credit where credit is due, lift each other up.


Photo by Sai Srikar


Photo by Sai Srikar


Here are the models and photographers that were involved (make sure you give them all a follow!):

@crysshannon – Crys Shannon
@kaytedemont – Kayte Demont
@seven_seers – Francesca Chandi Devi
@chefheathercarr – Heather Carr
@movement_by_alba – Alba Avella
@anneillusion – Andreas Passanah
@billyupchurch @goldie_mae_productions – Billy Upchurch
@hatianhellcat – Jessica Savage
@claireoelizabeth – Claire Oswald
Adam Padolsky
@tigerlily710 – Meaghan Worrell
@designcoy – Coy Jennings
@colorado_stifflegs – Jerry Owens
@djrobot5000 – Erin Beeler
@juliana_moskow_photography – Juliana Moskow
@kaliheals – Krystine “Kali” Sims
@ohmyleemedia – Minyoung Lee
@codiports – Codi Patinella
@your_angel_of_deception – Alexis Lyons
@swag_master1359 – Sai Srikar Kadiyam
@fairflyingfairy – J.Lee Grady
@zeabfarah – Loraina Drucker


Photo by Sai Srikar



The biggest THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in this collaboration. It wouldn’t have been what it was without every single person that was involved. Bummed you couldn’t make this meetup! No worries! We have them monthly – check out our Facebook Page for more info on the next one!

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