Connecting with fellow creatives who are equally as motivated and driven as myself is always a rewarding experience. I find that it helps to push me to the next level and to uncover new sources of inspiration. That’s one of the main reasons why I am so passionate about music – music has the ability to tear down walls, dissolve self-doubt, make people feel and help them connect.  

I first met Will Clarke outside of the porta-potties at Dirtybird Campout. Truthfully, I didn’t recognize him as the British house producer at the time, but we chatted about music, how amazing the vibe was at Campout, and our impending first time Holy Ship experiences. We both bonded over our appreciation for the Dirtybird community, the creative process and our love of food, and that’s when I had an idea. Why not do a unique and different type of music collaboration that highlights the multiple interests and passions that artists enjoy? That’s what Mass Musings is about after all: connections, friendship, creativity and inspiration.

If you’re not familiar with Will’s music, it is best described as Booty House and has the ability to get even the biggest party pooper up and dancing on their feet. But, there’s more to Will Clarke than just producing music. He’s an enthusiastic foodie who has never been known to turn down a fresh juice and he sports a beard that lumberjacks lust for. After Will played a recent Warehouse party with Get Real (Claude VonStroke & Green Velvet), Shiba San, and Walker & Royce in Brooklyn, we took the opportunity to meet up for a day of thrift shopping, street art exploration, burgers, and of course a discussion about his epic mane. Obviously photos are always included in any adventure I go on, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test out some of the amazing beard grooming products sold at my friend Anthony’s store, Craft & Caro. What’s even more fitting is that these products were made in Brooklyn so not only were we supporting a friend, but other local makers as well. Will Clarke tested, Mass Musings approved!

You recently launched your own radio show called The Barbershop. What was the inspiration behind the name and what do you hope to accomplish with the project overall?

For some reason I have always liked the old school barber shop vibes. There is nothing better than going to a barber shop on a Saturday morning to get your hair cut and have a good chin wag with all the old boys. I think it’s something that’s engrained in every culture, but also it can be switched up to the record shop culture where you would go down to the record shop and spend most of your days talking music, etc. I wanted to merge these cultures together as they’re both very social situations that bring people from all walks of life together in one room. The show isn’t supposed to be a serious music show, it’s more like an outlet for me to play my favorite tracks and let me introduce my favorite artists to people that follow me.

Your beard is big part of your personality and your overall brand. What made you decide to grow and commit to the epic facial hair?

Ok so this is a pretty weird story, however let’s go for it… So I always wanted to grow a beard and one morning a couple of years ago, I just woke up and was like “stuff it, I’m not going to shave and see if I can grow a beard.” A few months down the line, I had a beard. Going alongside this, my parents run a charity and they had been persuading me to get it cut off and donate as they knew I could raise a stack load of money for it. So, I was down for this, however it was a year in and I had all my new press shots and I had grown a close bond with my new friend on my face. So, I ditched shaving it off and just donated the money to the charity myself and kept the beard… a win-win situation right?

Rumor has it, you’re a burger connoisseur – have you always been a foodie? Would you say cooking is a second passion or more of a necessity?

Yes I love a burger, who doesn’t? If you don’t like burgers I’m not to sure if we can be friends, sorry. Back to the question… Yes I’ve always loved cooking. Since I was young, mum always got me to cook for the family. I guess I’m lucky because while I’m traveling around the world I get to try out lots of different foods as well. One of my aims in life is to own 2 or 3 restaurants using some of my own recipes… how cool would that be, eh?! So answering your question, I think it’s a passion more than a necessity.

You’re about to embark on a pretty epic US tour with Billy Kenny. What are you most looking forward to? Are there any cities that you’ve never been to that you’re excited to explore?

Yes, it’s one hell of a tour isn’t it? I think it’s about 29 or 30 dates in total, I’m not to sure if I can tame Billy for that long *laughs*. Honestly I’m looking forward to all of it… I know that’s a boring answer, but a lot of these cities I’ve never been to so I don’t have a clue what to expect. I’m looking forward to the NYC show as I have always wanted to play Output, the Bang Bang show is going to be good a lot of hype around that. The Boston show is going to be fun… but now I feel bad because I know all of the shows are going to be crazy fun. So if you’re reading this, make sure you get your tickets! Also quick bit of promo, I’m taking a few people out for a burger before each show so keep an eye out on my Facebook on how to enter.


The newest installment of The Barbershop:

The Barbershop By Will Clarke (#002) by Will Clarke on Mixcloud


“B” Hat: Brooklyn Hat Company, Fresh Hat: Dirty Fresh LaundryThread Honcho Bag: Craft & CaroBeard Grooming Supplies: Brooklyn Grooming via Craft & Caro

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