I’m obsessed with notecards. I’ve been known to purchase a card months in advance of an occasion if I come across a design that is too perfect (for a specific person) to not buy on the spot. Something about the notion that a small piece of paper can brighten someone’s day makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Additionally, stocking up on unique and small-batch cards completely aligns with my commitment to shopping small(er) and doing what I can to support the makers of the world. 

Naturally, when Basic Invite reached out about a collaboration, I was thrilled. I have so many friends who are planning weddings or who are event planners gearing up for Spring and Summer, that are in need of truly customizable, unique invitations and cards.  The best thing about Basic Invite is how easy their process is. The website walks you through each step, addressing every detail down to the color of the font on your envelopes. In fact, Basic Invite has almost unlimited color choices and even offers over 40 different envelope colors to complete your invitation package. Are you indecisive and need to see the physical note card before you can commit? Not to worry! Basic Invite realizes that sometimes picking the material things can be harder than picking a partner. So, they offer a variety of custom samples that you can mull over before placing your final order. 

Not getting married or celebrating a momentous occasion in the near future? Basic Invite is also great for business cards and thank you notes (a lost art for the millennial generation). Think about how boss you would look if you followed up a meeting with a thank you card that matched your business card? I’d hire you!

Super jazzed about Basic Invite like I am? Head over to their website now to upload your photos/designs or start with their templates now! 

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*This is a sponsored post – all words, photos and opinions are my own*

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