Photography by Kayte Demont and Heather Carr
Edits by Kayte Demont
Wow. What is time really? As I sit here reflecting on the last year (as one tends to do during the holiday season), I can’t help but be incredulous. It feels as if I was just writing a similar post merely weeks ago, but in reality it’s been several months. The new year is impending and doesn’t that mean it’s time for another round of resolutions? I don’t know about you, but it feels like all I’ve been doing is pushing through and pushing through, barely taking a moment to pause.
That’s why I take photos, to celebrate each moment. To encapsulate the feeling. When I look at a photo, I remember everything surrounding that. First the good, then even the bad starts to slowly trickle in through the subconscious pores of my brain. These photos give me a sense of validation. “These things happened, your feelings were and are real!”

My year was filled with love, heartbreak, success and failure, support and abuse. The stark contrast between the highs and lows of life has always been a challenge for me; this year I got one step closer to balance. One step closer to a less chaotic life filled only with people and experiences that help me grow and make me feel whole. At the end of the day, I’m the only one who can truly achieve happiness for myself (maybe Lucy too, because dogs are next level). Most days I have a list of resolutions 50 pages long. Constantly picking at the places that I don’t feel are adequate. Today, I’m resolving to celebrate all that’s happened. It doesn’t fix the things that still need fixing, nor does it heal all of the scars that need healing. But I still deserve the happiness that’s filled my path and am capable of achieving the balance I seek.

A gentle reminder that the holidays typically bring up a lot for people. Slow down, be kind, be patient, and offer love when you can.

Happy Holidays!
on Kayte: Joggers + Hoodie: American Giant, Boots: L.L.Bean, Jacket: thrifted in Boston
on Heather: Coat: H&M (Men), Pants: Zanerobe,

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