I’m not a creative, per-say. I don’t create anything (well aside from these playlists). Hell, I can barely draw a straight line. So for me, listening to music unlocks the minimal amount of creative juices capable of flowing inside of me. Everything I do, I enjoy doing more while listening to music. It adds color to an otherwise (often but not always) mundane world.

The concept of  “taste” or creative preference also fascinates me. I’ve noticed that often creative people find success through curating a specific taste. However, this “taste” can serve as both a catalyst and a crutch. For example — for DJ/Producers in particular I’ve seen individuals gain notoriety with one sound or “brand” — but then as they grow artistically, they have a difficult time capturing the same level of interest. In a way, their creativity is trapped by their own fortune. It’s a vicious cycle of wanting to take advantage of the momentum you’ve created and the audience you’ve cultivated, versus staying true to your artistic values and principles.

The reason I mention this is because I think not being a creative individual, in many ways, has allowed me to explore a wider range of music than I ever thought possible. While many of the playlists I create for Mass Musings contain true dance music — it’s not all I listen to. I will admit though, these Deep Melodic House playlists have a special place in my heart. The more I listen to this genre, the more I fall in love.

Recently I had the fortune of catching my favorite DJ/Producer at the moment, Fort Romeau. It was a small show at BPM — but his control of the crowd, magnificent mixing, and impeccable track selection tickled my soul. With that in mind, here is the next iteration of the Deep Melodic House series… Deep Melodic House Rd. 5

Like what you heard? Check out more Deep Melodic House in the playlists below:

Deep Melodic House, Rd. 1

Deep Melodic House, Rd. 2

Deep Melodic House, Rd. 3

Deep Melodic House, Rd. 4

*images courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram account*

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