One thing that I have always found exciting about being a blogger is discovering new brands and up and coming designers. A few weeks ago, while perusing a blogger community website, I came across the brand O’Bazzië. I had not yet heard of this brand but was intrigued and decided to do some research. What I found was extremely impressive and I was thrilled when they agreed to work with me for a “designer to watch” feature on mass.musings!

Still in it’s early stages, O’Bazzië is a new designer with potential that is through the roof. O’Bazzië Classics was created and founded by Ebenezer Obasiolu, a West Africa native, after losing his beloved grandmother due to lack of financial support for her medical needs. The dedication and love that he had for his grandmother carried over into his education and adventures in America where he started out as an engineer: “I decided that never again would I lose a loved one because of financial misfortune,” Ebenezer said, “Out of boredom in my engineering classes, I would randomly sketch satchels and briefcases on my paper. I had so many crazy designs… I guess my creative juices just flowed in my engineering classes!” From these simple sketches, a fully functioning company was born.

O’Bazzië’s mission statement is simple, just like their bags: “Enhance simplicity. It’s our ultimate goal to enhance a unique experience and a display of unique personas while carving a signature for yourself, one O’Bazzië Satchel at a time. Yes, as simple as that.” Essentially, Ebenezer set out to create a fantastic designer satchel that is both fashionable and versatile. In my opinion, he hit it right on the head. The sleek lines and perfect size of the “Classique Collection” appeal to both men and women and can be used across the seasons. With a sophomore line in the works, I’m beyond excited to see how far O’Bazzië will take their ideas.

Unfortunately, you can not order one of these amazing bags just yet, but pay attention because once they are available for purchase, I guarantee you will have a hard time getting your hands on one! In the meantime, visit their Facebook page and make sure to “like” it in order to stay up to date on ordering information and new products!

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