Oh Summer Camp. Whenever I think back to my summers on Sebago Lake in Maine, I’m reminded of the friendship, fun and activities that made the days fly by in the blink of an eye. My camp director even used to claim that “if you blink, you’ll miss something!” Although Dirtybird Campout is a far cry from the safe cove of my all girls’ summer camp, the fun, camaraderie, and nostalgia still run rampant. 

If you’ve been following Mass Musings for a while, you know that we are close with a few of the Dirtybird artists. You may have read interviews with Worthy and Justin Jay or seen the collaboration with Will Clarke or the post featuring Sacha Robotti. What I love most about the label is that Barclay Crenshaw, aka Claude VonStroke, has curated not just a great selection of quality music and artists, but also a true feeling and experience. 

Three years ago, Dirtybird announced that they would be holding their first label-run festival. After seeing such massive success with their slew of Dirtybird BBQ’s (all over the country), it only seemed natural to expand into a weekend long, summer camp-themed extravaganza. The first year of Campout was one of the most incredible experiences that I’ve ever had. The creativity and detail that Dirtybird and the Do Lab put into each aspect of the event were off the charts. There were teepees filled with art projects and crafts, there were dodgeball games and tug of war contests, there were comedy shows and lap dance-offs and literally, every single camper was smiling. I would argue that the first year of Dirtybird Campout truly gave new meaning to the phrase, “Happy Camper!” 

This year, for the third year of the festival, Dirtybird made a huge announcement that it would be moving to larger grounds. There was a lot of buzz on social media and a few distressed campers were worried that the intimacy and family vibe of Dirtybird was becoming diluted with mainstream festival vibes. Here at Mass Musings, we know that change can be scary. It’s not easy to let go of the notion that something so meaningful and important might be completely different than in previous years. That’s why we set out to create a video that takes us all back to our Dirtybird roots. We wanted to showcase how the creativity, friendship, and downright silly ridiculousness is still alive and well at Campout, regardless of the venue. 

As you watch this video, I hope that you remember those fleeting moments where you caught a random person’s eye during the family set, or you complimented someone’s outfit that they clearly spent hours working on. Maybe you’ll remember peeing your pants laughing at a group of Grandma’s running around shaking their asses at the function. Whatever you do, we hope that you will share this with your friends so that they too can experience the magic of Dirtybird Campout

If you met Wade Holland at Campout, make sure you give him a shout on social media. He worked his tail feather off to capture the love and music and would love to hear from you! 



  1. Kyle!

    You guys are the best! Great recap 🙂

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