I’ve never understood people who are so calm during a move. While I appreciate and occasionally enjoy the nomadic lifestyle, I am most definitely a certified homebody. It’s not that I don’t enjoy new beginnings though! Decorating my new space with important belongings is one of my most treasured aspects of moving. After the tornado of moving vans, boxes, transportation and apartment hunting, unpacking and settling in feels like a day at the spa.

If you’ve been following Mass Musings for a while, you’ve probably seen our 195 Webster living area and bedroom or our Boston HQ photos. Having several places to decorate has provided me with a great opportunity to hone in on my personal style and experiment with different combinations of color and texture. It’s been quite the experience watching my style change over the years as well. When I first moved out on my own, my interior tendencies gravitated more towards quintessential New England style with a preppy, classic look. Lots of bright colors, harsh lines, and trendy accessories. As I look at my surroundings now, it’s as if I’ve done a complete 180 – I now appreciate neutral tones and warmer colors, prefer lots of clean clutter (not an oxymoron, I promise!) and plants galore! However, a few things have stuck with me the whole way that I’ve concluded are my design pillars:

  1. Lots of texture – I love mixing different patterns and texture for visual depth and interest. It also makes me feel cozier and more at home than stark walls and obsessively clean lines.

  2. A pop-art twist – Although I’ve drifted away from the trendy posters that splatter social media (think “Stay calm and…”), it seems I’ve always had an affinity for bold colors, strong lines, and a bit of tongue in cheek humor with my art. Band posters are always a good idea, and if I can meet the artist and learn their story, it’s a given that their piece will end up on my gallery wall.

  3. Curated and repurposed pieces – Just because my interior style has changed doesn’t mean that I need to start over every time I move. For example, my bed is a plain wooden frame with clean lines and basic architecture. I also kept my mid-century modern chairs for the living room and several other well made staple pieces. Investing in simple, quality furniture allows you to experiment with different designs and makes it easier (and cheaper!) to take risks.

  4. Character – This is most certainly one thing that will always stick with me from my New England roots. While I appreciate the modernity and cleanliness of apartment buildings and condos, I feel most at home with crown molding, a brick wall, and worn wood floors.

So far, I’m loving how the Disco Dojo turned out. Hopefully we will be living here for a while and I’ll have the opportunity to change and redecorate as I continue to gain inspiration from my new California surroundings. If you want more from the Disco Dojo, search #DiscoDojo on Instagram!

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