Do you like good music? The Mass Musings Tribe certainly does. While this blog originally started as a fashion and lifestyle collective, we’ve slowly transformed into a lifestyle and music blog! Each Friday, our music contributor Drew puts out a new playlist for your weekend listening. We also feature some of our favorite musicians and producers with exclusive interviews and interesting questions.

In addition to appreciating great music in our own homes, we frequent shows and festivals all over the country! There’s something about the way a music festival brings people together that keeps us going in our every day lives. The glow of an experience like a festival radiates through our lives for months after the last set ends. In fact, we feel so strongly about the connection that music creates that we made it a cornerstone of our brand and even debuted our first video called Festival Season.

If you like good music as much as we do, tell your friends to check out our music page! Join us as we spread good vibes and bumpin’ tunes all over the internet.

Overalls: [thrifted] Free People, Top: c/o Free People, Hat: Free People, Bra: Urban Outfitters, Boots: c/o The Frye Company

Photography by Alex Pettinato

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