Photography by Rachael Zimmerman 

Edits by Kayte Demont


Don’t do it for the money.

Don’t do it for the fame.

Do it for the cuddles.

As I’m sure many of you know, Will Clarke is one of my closest and dearest friends. Not only is he an epic producer of dirty beats, but he’s an all around entrepreneur who is building his empire in hopes of truly making an impact on the music community. One of the ways that he is connecting with his fans besides his music, is through his line of merchandise called Doing It For The Cuddles. The inspiration for the name comes from an inside joke between Will and his childhood friends, and is in reference to Will’s “game” when it comes to pursuing women. Lucky for us, Will actually has some swag in the fashion department, so his merch line is a lot more slick than his lines with the ladies.

Over the past year or so, #DoingItForTheCuddles has included various styles, with each release of items better than the last. I’ve seen them all and I have to say that this most recent batch of swag has been my favorite. I haven’t taken this reversible bomber jacket off since I got it and the t shirt is so well designed and comfortable. Hats more your thing? Will just released a snap-back and a dad hat (pictured here). Now that all of your bases are covered, get to shopping before it’s all sold out!


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