The past couple of days have been tough for me. My building management decided that they wanted to “clean up” the courtyard and proceeded to start chopping down the most beautiful banana trees and hacking at the roots and trunks of other plants that have given me so much joy over the last few weeks. It pains me so much to see the destruction of such beauty for the sole purpose of cosmetic appearance. I’ve always had a great love and appreciation of the natural world and that has only grown and become more deeply rooted in my soul over time. 

To make matters worse, today is Earth Day. The one day a year, above all others, that we are supposed to take extra time to enjoy and acknowledge all of the benefits and beauty that Mother Nature bestows on us. And yet, they continue to cut and rip and hack. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do except yell and curse and stomp around… but really that’s not helping the situation… and to be honest, it’s not making me feel any better either. So, I’ve decided to come to you all with a plea. I urge you to take at least one moment today to look up and appreciate the trees. Then, look around you and think about how lucky you are to be surrounded by such magnificent beauty. If you don’t feel at least marginally inspired after that, then continue exploring until you do. If you feel really overcome with emotion, then you could even plant some trees or flowers of your own. 

Although it’s been a tumultuous week, I am very excited to announce two things. The first, Drew and I are now the newest members of the This Ain’t Bristol team and will be helping with content and events in LA. I’m stoked to be involved with such a great label/ team of individuals and can’t wait to share more awesome music collaborations with you all. Secondly, just in time for this post, I’ve teamed up with Free People in more ways than one. For Earth Day, they sent me some dope shoes as well as seeds from the Pollinator Project. The flowers that grow from these seeds are what honeybees and other pollinators love the most, making it a great addition and tribute to the environment. Additionally, I am now a member of the Free People Hollywood team! Starting Sunday, I’ll be working inside of Space 15 Twenty doing styling, helping with social media and just generally loving life. Look out for some heightened inspiration coming your way, I’m feeling really motivated right now and I can’t wait to harness all of this energy into cool collaborations and photos.


Shoes: c/o Free People, Shorts: J.Crew, Shirt: Truly Madly Deeply, Sweater: Choies, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Linked up with: FF, LWIG, CF, CF2, P4F, FF, FF2, FFF, FF, OHF, FFF, FLU, FF

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