As I’ve touched on before, after training with teams and coaches for my entire life, it has been a serious challenge for me to stay motivated while working out. It’s not that I need an intense workout to feel good, it’s that I enjoy pushing myself and my body to my physical limits. I enjoy being in shape and over the past few years, I’ve noticed that there is a clear correlation between my mood and my fitness routine. The more I challenge myself in the gym, the more relaxed and on top of things I feel in the rest of my life. 

During this time of self-fitness exploration, I’ve found that group classes are what works best for me. Most of them are about an hour long and I’m fully captivated and pushed the entire time. In other words, when I have an instructor telling me what to do, my competitive juices start flowing and I seldom think about how much longer my workout will last. It’s fun and I truly enjoy feeling like I’m part of a larger group working towards a common goal. 

One of the classes that I’ve been crushing lately is the Ropes and Rowers class. For my ambassadorship, I’ve been sampling all of the group classes that Equinox has to offer, but this one is my favorite so far. Ropes and Rowers is a newer class to the Equinox repertoire. It combines the idea of a circuit workout with group exercise – i.e. it’s the perfect fit for me. 

Here’s a generalized breakdown of how it works:

  • There are 4 stations: ropes, weights, rowers, and body exercises.
  • Everyone in the class separates into 4 groups. Each group completes the circuit three times. First round is 4 mins. Second round is 2 mins. Last round is 1 minute as fast as you can go.
  • For the Ropes and Rowers part of the circuit, everyone pairs up to motivate and push each other for the most amount of reps. By the last circuit, you’re going all out, as hard as you can, racing against the clock.

If you still need more motivation to try this class, you should know that I’ve been going for three weeks straight now and not only am I still excited to return, but I’ve noticed a really positive change in my body and overall quality of life. I have more energy, I look and feel more toned, and I’m just in a generally better mood. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and try it for yourself! When you’re done, make sure you comment about your experiences below.

*this is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own

Photography by Steven Velasquez

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