It’s now month three of my Equinox ambassadorship and I’m still going strong! So far, I’ve kick started my new fitness routine with personal training and I’ve sampled some killer classes, Ropes & Rowers and Dance being my favorites. What I love most about my experience thus far is the knowledgeability and sense of community that Equinox fosters. Many gyms boast the same attractive qualities but I feel as though I finally found my “gym tribe” if you will. My dance class, for example, makes me happier than I’ve been in a really long time and has 100% helped me rekindle my passion for dancing.

In that vein, since starting with Equinox, I’ve also realized that the type of body I feel most comfortable and confident with is the one that appears when I’ve been dancing. Gone are the days of needing major muscle and bulking up for swimming. Now I can happily groove about, getting in plenty of cardio, and focusing on building longer, leaner muscles. Queue Pilates, coincidentally the next stop on my fitness journey. The philosophy behind Pilates is to truly focus on the art of controlled movements and core strength. Pilates also teaches the importance of movement flow and breathing throughout the entire workout, something that doesn’t come naturally to everyone. When executed properly, these movements should look and feel like a workout, not just lengthening and stretching.

I was one of those who fell victim to the misconception that Pilates was more about stretching and was surprised at how difficult many of the movements were! Luckily, I had an excellent instructor, Holly, who somehow knew exactly how to motivate me. Not only was Holly full of great vibes, but she has mastered the balance of pushing her students to their limits while making sure they receive honest and positive reinforcement. This is something that’s truly hard to master yet something that I’ve always appreciated.

When my sessions were completed, I felt more in control of my body but also prepped and motivated to keep moving forward and continue working. I’ve seen a noticeable difference in my dancing and overall posture and I’m excited to keep implementing what I learned in Pilates to my everyday workouts.

Photography by Holly Wells

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