When I was first approached by Equinox to become an ambassador for their brand, I was half committed to working out but hadn’t really developed a fitness routine that I felt good about. Sure, I attended the gym as many days a week as I had the willpower to – the classes were standard, the equipment plentiful and the locker rooms clean. However, I had’t felt a strong connection to anything I tried so I figured why no go full force with Equinox? I’m so glad I did. 

As I’ve mentioned over the past few months, Equinox was exactly what I needed to #CommitToSomething. The vibe at their clubs is a positive one. Not once did I feel judged or like I shouldn’t be there. In fact, it was because of the overall feeling of acceptance that I felt that I really went head first into the classes. 

Personal Training: What a way to kick start my Equinox experience. Paul was wonderful in teaching me why we were doing each exercise and really listened to my past experiences to help me complete my future goals.

Classes: If you know me at all, I’m extremely competitive. Ropes & Rowers was the perfect blend of individual competition mixed with team work and left me feeling stronger and more motivated than I had been in months.

Pilates: Growing up as a dancer, I’ve always been acutely aware of my body and how it moves. That being said, I definitely didn’t realize how out of shape I was in terms of control. Controlled movements are the cornerstone to Pilates and Holly was the perfect catalyst to reintroduce me to my dancer ways.

Spa: If you’re not a fan of rest and relaxation, I’m not sure that we can be friends. My experience at the Equinox spa was nothing short of magical. One of the best massages I’ve ever had coupled with an excellent facial that left my face fresh and smooth? That’s a win-win if I’ve ever seen one!

Dance: I first discovered Chad at the Halloween “Thriller” dance class. His energy and attitude were so contagious that I decided within the first 5 mins that I would be back. Since then, I have been to every Tuesday evening class that I could make and it’s made a huge difference in not only my health, but my overall well being too.

When I made the decision to stop dancing in high school, it was primarily because I had lost the passion that once fueled me. Dance had become more of a chore and less of an exciting release. Chad’s class is everything that I was missing and single handedly propelled me into rediscovering the joy that I had lost. I’ve been happier, healthier and that excitement has made all the difference in my life in and out of the studio.

Overall, my Equinox experience has been super positive. I’m looking forward to bringing my new found motivation into the next chapter of my life. Thank you!

*this is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own

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