On my quest to find really rad chicks in Los Angeles, I stumbled across Chelsea Leifken. From the instant I stalked her Instagram, I knew that I wanted to collaborate. Not only was her personal style absolutely unique and on point, but I could tell that her spirit and kind heart were completely genuine through the work that she chose to share.

Upon meeting Chelsea for coffee, I knew within the first 10 minutes that I had found a boss babe with a fire that motivates everyone around her. By the end of our chat, she had me wanting to crush emails, crank out content and take over the world at the same time. I truly enjoyed our conversation about turning our passions into careers and felt a connection to her ideals of spreading love and “treating everybody like they are somebody.” Anyone who can run their own company, build a legitimate brand, and still put the positive treatment of others first is a winner in my book! 


1) What’s your advice to fellow creative entrepreneurs that you wish someone had told you before you started?

Don’t wait til [it’s] perfect.You are never going to think you are ready. Just start creating and sharing – it’s that easy. You don’t need to have everything lined up and figured out. That is what keeps so many people from taking the first step. I had NO IDEA what I was doing when I got started, but everyday I did SOMETHING – something to get that ball rolling. I promise you – there will always be things to change and tweak and be better skilled at, but if you don’t start somewhere you will NEVER start.


2) How/ why did you decide to make “Treat everybody like they’re somebody” as your TM?

When I first started to hand paint leather jackets I was meditating on words and sayings that I resonated with. Sayings that I could wear and share with the world day to day. I wanted a message I could put on my back to have others read while I was simply running errands or standing in line at a coffee shop. If I had to choose something in this world that I strive to change, it would be the judgment, anger, hostility, hate, violence towards others. I like to focus on the positive. The love, connection, growth, kindness, empowerment, compassion in everyone I come into contact with. “TREAT EVERYBODY LIKE THEY ARE SOMEBODY” was born. I came up with the saying and continued to share it throughout my life. People started to resonate with my message and spread the love. I have since brought that message onto clutches in my most recent Leather Collection, and will continue to move forward in bringing that message into my philanthropic projects. I’m on a mission to move mountains. A mission to make a difference. I promise you – love makes this world go round.

Chelsea Leifken is not all clutches and leather goods. She also sells a plethora of prints, pillows and keychains that will make you feel infinitely cooler the minute you get your hands on them. Shop her whole line here!


Clutch: c/o Chelsea Leifken, Shirt: thrifted, Shorts: Urban Outfitters, Bra: Urban Outfitters, Necklace: c/o Studdly Designs, Shoes: Vans, Sunglasses: Free People, Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington

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  1. Great message! Thanks for sharing this on the “I Feel Pretty” link up.

  2. such a cute little pouch! love the message 🙂

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