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Here’s the thing about social media. It can bring out the absolute worst in people. It makes insecurities flair, unhealthy competition surface, it can even suppress the creativity that we all seek to share. There are certainly a lot of negatives about our society and its addiction to sharing everything. That being said, there are so many positives that (in my eyes) completely eclipse the negatives. For example, I can confidently say that I have met some of my most favorite humans from platforms like Instagram. It’s as if I was able to completely curate my circle of friends based on common interests and a mutual respect for our common loves. It’s not uncommon for me to “slide into someone’s DMs” to make sure they know how much I appreciate and love what they are doing. If we happen to be in the same location, I usually suggest grabbing coffee and chatting. I will always try my hardest to make time for someone who reaches out and asks to connect. You never know who you are going to meet and why these people were put in your path, so why not just go out on a limb and try it? 

This is exactly how I stumbled across the awe inspiring Instagram profile of Lori Menna. Funny enough, I actually also grabbed coffee this morning with the woman who led me to Lori. Here’s the story: I was stalking my friend Caroline of INDA Creations on Instagram and noticed that she had tagged a woman by the name of Meg who lives in Boulder and also created her own community. Meg had tagged one of the most interested and creative collages I had seen in a while. I follow a lot of psychedelic and multi media art accounts on social channels, so I’ve seen a lot of things and some just get repetitive. However, I was so intrigued by the collage that I spent a solid 15 mins exploring each and every piece that I saw on Lori’s account. I was inspired by her creative approach, the content of her work, and how she presented it on her page. So inspired that I followed immediately and let out a giddy squeal when she asked to use a photo that Alex has taken of me! 

From there a collaboration sort of unfolded naturally. Lori was kind enough to answer some questions about her creative process and how she likes to create. You’ll find some selected images from her portfolio, as well the image of me that she produced! Give her a follow, get inspired, and enjoy! 

1) What inspires you to create? Where do you draw from to fuel your creative fire?
 Nature, spirit, the moon, the cosmos, my dreams, meditation, surfing.
2) What is one thing about your art/ creative process that people may not realize?
I don’t tend to overthink or spend a huge amount of time on things, I get a vision or idea and it flows pretty quickly. The details may take longer to finalize, but the basic concept is a fluid and almost meditative. Most of the time if i’m working on something and you speak to me, i won’t hear you, i’m in the creative zone. Luckily I work for myself, so it works for me. Other creative jobs i’ve had really suppressed that creative flow.
3) How did you first start creating? Did you study art in school or was it more of a calling that you felt from your soul?
I knew as a child that I would make my living as a graphic designer. In the 7th grade we had a career day, a man and a woman came in from a creative agency in Philadelphia, they opened up a program and started to show how they could digitally manipulate the refection of a glass of water on the computer- It was fascinating to me. Aside from always drawing and painting and being in art classes, I used to create Digital grateful Dead bears on my fathers computer using the program paint! I attended several different art schools in Philadelphia and SVA in Manhattan after high school.
4) What’s one piece of advice that you’d like to share with aspiring creatives?

Don’t hold back, just keep trying things. Don’t limit yourself to one thing. You may go through phases where you’re designing mostly logos or brochures, then it can switch to websites or digital prints of your dreams and visions. There is no limit to the creative mind and you never know where it will take you.

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