Sometimes when listening to music, I find a song that just transcends all boundaries and hits me in the depths of my core. I can’t explain it, but I bet you’ve had the feeling before. Your body viscerally responds to the opening notes, your hair stands on end, and the shivering feeling of goosebumps lingers a little longer… and is a lot more enjoyable. Music. 

Arguably better than sex or any drug, music can naturally enhance any situation. Having a horrible day? Put some music on, zone out and get lost in the melody. Landed your dream job, had a killer date and are just generally having the best day of your life? Throw on your favorite song and suddenly that seemingly perfect day got even better. Right now (and for the past however many months since Dirtybird Campout), that song for me has been the first track in Justin Martin’s Radio 1 After Hours Mix. I still don’t know the track name but this song has me melting from the first note…. and that vocal, THAT VOCAL! That ladies and gentleman, this is what it’s about for me. Feeling things I can’t even explain because of one song. If that’s not a reason to get up in the morning, I’m not sure what is. Music is a powerful, beautiful art form and tool that’s available to everyone and should be used to it’s fullest. Embrace it! Trust me, it feels good. 



Dress: Free People, Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters, Boots: c/o Faryl Robin, Necklace: c/o Carly Marly Designs

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