It’s about that time! Today marks the final post of the Festival Series. Come Tuesday, the ladies of Mass Musings will be traveling to Rothbury, Michigan for Electric Forest Music Festival. During the next week, you will notice that the Mass Musings social media platforms are quieter than usual. This is because I am a firm believer that it is extremely important to take time (at least once a year) to completely turn off your phone, computer, etc. in order to really relax and appreciate the actual world. Sometimes we get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of technology that we forget to take time to rejuvinate the mind and soul. Therefore, I’m limiting myself to maybe one instagram per day – but don’t you worry, once the festival is over I will be back in FULL FORCE. 

Until then, join me in my Forest excitement by re-living the last few installments: #1, #2, #3 – while you’re at it, you should listen to this song for extra feel good vibes!

Thanks again to Monica Justesen for her amazing photography skills and to Katherine of Style Tab for being awesome!

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