You probably haven’t heard of Filter Cut yet, but once you listen to their music, you’ll want to shout their name from the roof tops! Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Rune Faeroe and Nahel Menhel are new to the scene but are already making quite the splash. I first discovered Filter Cut on Soundcloud while perusing new music to jam out to at work. Amidst my searching, I came across Summer Breeze, an original mix that had me grooving in my chair. I decided I need to find out more about who created such a great song and what I discovered was that these two are fun, driven, and ready to make us dance!

Because they’re such a new presence, they’ve yet to start touring, but I can only imagine how fun they are going to be live. Anyone who has a hummingbird as a spirit animal seems to be pretty chill and okay in my book! Read on to learn more about how Rune and Nahel chose Filter Cut as their name and what we can expect from their music based on their influences:

1) How did Filter Cut begin? What was the inspiration behind the name and how did the two of you meet?
We both grew up in the same street, but it was not until we started high school four years ago [that] we were very familiar with each other. We talked a lot about music and both had great interest in it. But it was not until a few months ago we decided to start Filter Cut . We have a huge range of knowledge within diverse musical genres, ranging from hip hop and trap, to dubstep and house music . The fact that we called us Filter Cut is pretty random , we use a lot [of] filters while we’re producing and also cutting a lot of things so simply we just said fuck it lets call us Filter Cut.

2) What’s your biggest influence when creating music?
We have no specific inspirations, but everything we’ve heard through the years has been an inspiration in our music and thats everything going from old school hip hop and Dr.Dre too.

3) What genre would you classify your music as? Do you think that you have created your own sub-genre, or do you feel that you fit into one of the larger ones?
We feel we are under the tropical house genre, but we always try to do the work of our own style, it’s all about spreading the love and atmosphere trough warm vibes!
4) What’s the weirdest experience you’ve had with a fan?
We are not there yet, but we are really looking forward to crazy and weird experiences with fans in the future haha.

5) Lights on or off?
Let’s say the electricity went down, so yeah lights off haha.
6) What is your spirit animal?

Haha we didn’t know what this was, so we ended up googling it and took a spirit animal quiz, and we got the answer: The Hummingbird

Want more Filter Cut? Sure you do! Make sure to follow along on Soundcloud and Facebook for the latest update on new music and potential shows.

*photo via Filter Cut

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