This is one of my most favorite shoots that I’ve done so far for Free People California. I got to work with two of my good friends, Astrea and Dana – both of whom are talented creatives in their own right. Astrea is an up and coming actress and model, Dana is an artist who specializes in painting. The two of them are great friends of mine and completely embody all that is Free People, making them perfect for a California-inspired shoot.

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Also, I’m sharing this story with you because I LOVE it when things like this happen. As I was considering which song to pair with this post, I immediately thought of Milky Chance – “Stolen Dance” but wanted a little extra spice. What was the first thing that I saw when I opened SoundCloud? The new Ghostt remix of “Stolen Dance.” It’s a little heavier than I was thinking for this, but the coincidental nature of how I found it won, so here you go (it’s also a free download, you’re welcome):

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