Since beginning my position as a stylist/photographer at Free People Hollywood, I feel as though I’ve expanded my photography style and honed in on my editing techniques. I’m a huge proponent of trying new things and finding a style that fits how I’m feeling in my life at the present moment (art is all about expression and typically draws from real life experiences after all). 

For the Free People Diaries series, you’ll notice that I’ve started to focus more on movement and genuine lifestyle photography instead of the more common, posed “blogger photos” that we are all so used to seeing. Not that there is anything wrong with those photos, but I feel that my style has evolved so much since when I started Mass Musings, that it only makes sense to transition my photography as well.  

This series of photos showcases two of my co-workers Trisha and Nicole. They’re the coolest and we had the best time playing in the streets of Hollywood. I hope you enjoy and make sure to shop their looks below! 


On Trisha: Runaway Slouch Cutoffs, Little Secrets Slip, Flared Hem Military Jacket, Heart Of Gold Fringe Shawl 

On Nicole: Denim Super Flare, Tula Top, Rathbone Banded Hat (similar)

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