The origin of my love for music has always stemmed from the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd, and Queen. However, that is natural as when you are a teenager you are not really going out to shows on the weekends, your only goal was to find a basement to drink Busch Light in and blast MGMT and Passion Pit. That all changed when Kaskade went on his Freaks of Nature tour. That was my first glimpse of “EDM” even though that acronym makes me want to vomit.

Nonetheless, Kaskade was a gateway drug into the scene of everlasting beats and banter. My musical taste as of today is a much darker, uncommon, and obscure cup of tea. Three traits to sum up the genre that is Tech-House. Combining my house love with techno vibes. The linear progression that started this deep cultivation was once again Kaskade. This time is Redux tour, his homage to his Chicago house roots (the city I also grew up in). After witnessing this show and hearing the likes of Shiba San‘s “Okay” for the first time. I knew after that there was a lot of new music to discover.

 As a friend once said, you do not just start listening to Richie Hawtin and say to yourself, “this is great!” If I had jumped from The Beatles to Richie Hawtin I would probably be the worlds biggest advocate against dance music. However, that is the reason why these genres we listen to today are so meaningful. Reason being – you have to appreciate it. It’s not just a lifestyle there is an educational aspect to it. You have to have experience it in a live setting to truly understand the vibe, the culture, and the music itself. From there it holds a majestic feeling deep in your heart, your body, and even deeper in your bones.

The following playlist does not include some of my all times favorites song, more so these 50ish songs are tracks that have been an anthem the last few months of my life. Sharing them with you in hopes of you discovering something new you perhaps have never heard before, because at the end of the day that is the goal to discover new sounds, new feelings, and new memories.

Joey Madej

*image via Catherine Kim


  1. Katie

    Hi. I saw first&warrens post @ your Instagram class last year. Will you be having more ?? Thanks

    • Hi Katie! Follow me on twitter for updates on classes: @mass_musings

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