Welcome to the weekend! As usual, I’m stoked for the weekend, who isn’t right? Tonight Drew and I are going on our first date in a really long time. Moving and life ended up getting pretty stressful and chaotic over the past month and I’m looking forward to having some time to enjoy each other and relax a bit.

In addition, on Sunday I’ll be heading up to my family home in Maine for the start of the Cumberland Fair! Normally I’m excited for the fair but this year is extra special. Several months ago, my great uncle Don was seriously injured in a freak accident at the barn where he trains and races horses. The details are graphic and emotional but he pulled through at the ripe age of 81 and is miraculously healthy and back doing what he loves. Sunday has been deemed Donald Richards Day at the fairgrounds and I couldn’t be more proud to stand with my family in support of such an inspirational man. Do me a favor and hug your loved ones extra tight today, life is too unpredictable. 

Now listen to this awesome House playlist to get you through the end of your Friday. Happy Weekend people! Now go ingest something pumpkin-y!


  1. Jenn E

    Love it!

  2. Ashley Bree Perez

    I need a sign like that!

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