1. janice


  2. Angela Skelton

    Yea, I don’t know any of those songs. 😉

  3. Jenn E

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Alina

    Love being introduced to new music. THANKS!

  5. courtney b

    i’ve never heard any of those songs! but i like the first one!:)

    thanks ! xoxox

    • I’m glad I could introduce you to some new music! Thanks for listening 🙂

  6. Ashley Bree Perez

    Love finding out about new music.

  7. Thank you…I just downloaded 3 playlists…I may be getting toooooo kewl 🙂

  8. Ashley Bree Perez

    Love the pictures in this post

  9. Love this music (:

  10. I am not really into music but when I played the first one my two toddlers started dancing around.

  11. I love new music! Thanks for a great playlist!

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