With Kayte’s encouragement, I’ve decided to share a little more about myself, and the music that’s posted each week.  While some of you may know me as @photographer_boyfriend… I do have other hobbies besides taking pictures of my beautiful blogger girlfriend, one of said hobbies is music. Fortunately, my job allows me to meticulously curate and organize my Soundcloud (is being Soundcloud DJ a hobby?) so I can produce fun playlists with new music for my friends and followers (does anyone listen to these?) who don’t have the time or interest to troll and organize a couple thousand songs a week. I’d consider myself an avid music junky as I’ve been to a couple hundred concerts over the last three years; but don’t be mislead, I have no actual musical talent of my own.

Anyways, enough about me…

This week’s playlist features mostly Deep/Bassline House. Below is some information about the songs featured as well as the artists who produced them. Enjoy and feel free to comment with questions or suggestions.

We kick off this week’s playlist with one of the hottest songs /artists in the House-EDM scene right now (as evidenced by Zane Lowe), Gorgon City’s “Go All Night”. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Gorgon City yet, I’d highly recommend it. Afterwards we have a little fun with CODEHOUSE’s “We Get Crazy” followed by one of the most sampled songs of late, “Set It Off”.

Next up we get a taste one of my favorite artists right now, Fractal System. Their single “Your Body” is straight fire. Wait for the drop. I’d never heard of As I Am before their single, “Saving Grace”; but Defected Records rarely disappoints so I’m not surprised that this song is an absolute jam (I call this sexy-time house). If you don’t know Defected Records you can check out the artists here: Defected Records. Also, if you’re a fan of this track you should listen to Defected artist MK.

I tried to continue the sexy-time house vibe with Changing Plane’s remix of “Illuminate Me”, a surprisingly catchy jam with a sexy vocal track delivered by some girl named Beth…  Shadow Child’s epic remix of Duke Dumont’s banger “Won’t Look Back” is next. The original track hit radio waves across the pond (that’s the UK) by storm this summer.  Both of these tracks capture an awesome deep house vibe.

Things get a little weird with La Dooda’s “Back the Fuck Up” and AndDrop!’s “We Come In Peace”.  But then comes “Body Talk” by UK house genius Huxley followed by Vidda & Eno’s “Lose Control”. I’ve never heard of these guys before but it’s a great song with only 24,000 likes currently.

I wrapped up this week with Duke Dumont’s deep club mix of his own track, “Slow Dance” and another Fractal System song titled “Mirror”. If you like House music I’d recommend checking out both Huxley and Duke Dumont. They are both fast-becoming legends in the scene.

I hope you enjoy the playlist, please let me know what you liked, didn’t like, or if there are any other artists that you’d like to hear more of.




  1. Inge Speemanns

    Gorgeous playlist. Thanks for sharing!

  2. mai tran

    I’m obsessed with CODEHOUSE’s “We Get Crazy” at the moment, just so catchy. I found out Sam Smith and fell in love instantly. Do you know him?

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