This week’s deep house/ uk house playlist starts out with an artist that Kayte showed me named Hotel Garuda. They’ve been around for a little while now and first caught my ear when they remixed Disclosure’s “White Noise” this summer. This remix of Anna Lunoe’s “All Out” really captures their deep house vibe. Next up is TCTS who, as Annie Mac states, is absolutely on fire right now. Strongly encourage that you check out his SoundCloud

Afterwards we roll into one of the most unique tracks that will be released this year. Knife Party is known for their edgy, bass heavy, womps. However, in “EDM Trend Machine” off their latest album they offer EDM music fans one of the best “trolls” that I’ve ever heard. They begin the track with a sensual vocal sample, per usual, and approach the drop with the same intensity that you would expect from a Knife Party track. At 1:50 they give you a taste of what their Knife Party-style drop would’ve sounded like but then roll into some sexy deep drums, staying true to both the deep house trend of late as well as their song title. I always like when an artist shows their range, even in EDM music. Knife Party has long been considered pioneers in bass music so it’s awesome to hear them switch it up and still dominate a track. 

It’s always tough to find a song to follow a high-tempo, high-energy song like “EDM Trend Machine” so I tried to slow it down a bit by taking us for some more TCTS. This is one of his lesser-known tracks called “Lose Control”. Next we get a little 80s funky with Dr. Fresch’s “You’re My Obsession” ft. vocals from Nate Dogg (R.I.P.). Afterward I roll out another bassline house jam by LO’99 off Medium Rare Recordings. I’ve never heard of LO’99 before but they’ve been promoting this single hard over the past couple weeks. Medium Rare Recordings is also being home to La Dooda (who’s been featured on Friday Music Playlists before) which means they are cementing themselves as a label to keep watching through 2015.

Next up is one of my favorite tracks of late. Redlight’s remix of Rae Morris’ “Closer” is just plain excellent. Sit back and enjoy because the following track is the hottest song I’ve heard this year. Hot Creations Records collaboration, Pleasure State, consists of MK (featured frequently on these playlists), Lee Foss, and Anabel Englund. Their track “Ghost In The System” is a perfect mix of deep and trippy house with a sexy vocal track. It’s beautiful.

Another TCTS track is next. I know this playlist is a little TCTS-heavy but his Snakehips remix of “On & On” is a really nice comedown after “Ghost In The System”. “On & On” is followed Treasure Finger’s remix of “She’s Got 2 Hearts” which leads nicely into S-Man’s dub mix of “Hold On”. S-Man is another lesser-known artist that I’m tracking right now. Earlier this year I featured their song “2-Close” on That Deep Shit. Make sure you check it out. This week’s Friday Music Playlist wraps with Disciple’s “TheyDon’t Know”. A fun track from an artist that I don’t know much about… yet.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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  1. Inge Speemanns

    Fantastic list! Thank you

  2. Mai Tran

    First time I heard of TCTS! Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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