Today I decided to finally release a Tech House (Underground Techno) playlist that I’ve been sitting on for a while called “Technically Sound”. This playlist contains some of my favorite Tech House tracks and artists I’ve discovered over the last year and change.

You’ll notice quickly that Pleasurekraft pops up in a couple of places on this playlist including the opening song titled “Sinister Strings (Re-construction of a Classic)”. What is Pleasurekraft you ask? Well… they describe it as, “A simultaneously visceral and cerebral experience induced only by the seductive, deep, groove heavy, underground techno inspired music that you hear the kids listening to..” As you might imagine, they are currently #1 on my ‘To See’ list for 2015. Make sure you also check out their two other songs on this playlist, “Skeleton Key” and “The Most Dangerous Game”.

Next up is a less-popular Justin Martin track titled “Relations”. Love the vocal sample in this one. It’s followed by one of my favorites, “This is It” by Craig Williams & Charles I. Then we continue the heavy bass vibes with the oft-featured Fractal System’s “Bitch’s World”.

Then, after another taste of PleasureKraft and some weird vibes from Franskild’s remix of Nause’s “Head Over Heels”, we encounter Fractal System’s best song of the year (in my opinion) “Make Me Feel”. I really love this song’s deep-tech bass line and low-toned vocal sample. In addition, they do a nice job balancing the build-ups and drops. I find that they’re able to keep the ear interested by letting the song build and fall naturally without massive drops and cut outs like you’d find in many popular House genres.

We spend a little time with Bass connoisseurs Go Freek and Benson! before getting wild with another one of my favorites, “Von Deeper”. I don’t know what it is about this track but whenever it comes on I always find my head bobbing uncontrollably mid-song. Another quality find from my favorite music blog Deep Sounds –

We wrap up the playlist with a nice remix from Oliver Schorles and then another lesser-known track from Justin Martin. The last two songs both come from the Hot Creations record label. Jamie Jones is a tech house legend and “People From The Moon” is a weird song (hence the title) that really highlights what Techno House music is all about.

Thanks for listening and have a great weekend!

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