I’ve modeled this playlist after one of my favorite artists, Maya Jane Coles. Maya produces a very specific type of deep house that reverberates through your soul while you listen. I find this particular genre harder to find quality tracks than the other types of House because it requires a gentle combination of ambient sounds and smooth, penetrating basslines that many producers shy away from. Plus, she’s a female producer in a male dominated sub-genre. You’ve always got to give props to those who grab life by the horns and get after it regardless of any preconceived notions.

Anyways, you’ll notice a few trends in this playlist. The first is the aforementioned Maya Jane Coles. I’ve featured her two most recent tracks titled, “The Acid” and “Humming Bird”. Next, I’ve sprinkled in a few track from Ajunadeep. Ajunadeep is the Deep House branch of Above & Beyond’s record label Ajunabeats and was established in 2005. Since then it’s become world famous and the label is currently touring with the like of Lane 8, Cubicolor, 16 Bit Lolitas, and Jody Wisternoff; all of whom have been featured on previous Friday Music Playlists. My favorite Ajunadeep song off this playlist is John Monkman’s remix of “All About You”.

My absolute favorite song on this track is “Walking With Elephants” by Ten Walls. Kayte and I caught Ten Walls 230AM on New Year’s Eve in New York and WOW! While he may have a little stage fright, Ten Walls’ combination of brass instruments, ambient sounds, and drums make for some excellent tracks, of which “Walking With Elephants” is certainly the best. Check it out!

I hope you enjoy this week’s playlist, have a great weekend.



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