Hey guys,
I hope everyone had a great week. We finally got the sun to melt away some of the snow here in Boston (though my car still for stuck twice) but I thought that I’d throw together a fun little Deep House playlist for this weekend.
We start off the playlist with the oft-featured Ducked Ape. I love the vibe of their new track “Hit Me Again”. I haven’t seen a tour announced for these guys yet but I’m dying to see them live. After Ducked Ape we jump into the wildly popular remix of “We Were Young” by Sascha Kloeber off Spinnin’ Records. Spinnin’ Records continues their dominance of the EDM House scene with this one, it already has over a million plays on Soundcloud. Dancing Astronaut (a popular EDM music blogged) dubbed this track, “The equivalent of a cool autumn breeze in sonic form,” I found that accurate. We continue the mix with a track off Spinnin’s Deep House branch called. “Women of the Ghetto”. Great vibes on this one so make sure you check it out.
After the top three tracks I started mixing it up a bit. We roll into some garage-y future stuff after the oft-featured Huxley’s track, “Say My Name”. I love the deep bassline in Mottis’ “Temperature”. If you’re into ‘penetrating’ basslines with female vocal samples on top.. make sure you check this one out.
Per Kayte’s request, I made sure to put the Annie Edge & DANCE Girl’s remix of “Bugatti” on this week’s playlist. Honestly, this track is just fun. If you don’t find yourself dancing while listening to this one, you may want to check your fun-bone.. that was stupid but you get the idea.
That’s all for the description. Enjoy this one, it’s fun, it’s loud, and most of all… it’s Deep!!!

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