This week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist is titled Look Deeper. Aside from being another play on words that includes the word “deep”, in this week’s playlist I tried to look a little deeper at different types of Deep House music to provide a full array of different sounds. I’ve been holding onto this list for a while now but this beautiful Friday (and Kayte’s Free People event) inspired me to get it out for ya’ll! In this set you’ll fine an array of Deep House from the softer side all the way through the heavy wobbles… it even mixes in some Tech-y House here and there!

I’ve got to admit that first track really sets this whole playlist off. Felon’s “Edie Who?” is likely going to be my favorite song of the summer — maybe it will be yours too. You should also recognize a few familiar producers on this list like TCTS, Justin Martin, Kyle Watson, and Anabel Englund.

Keep an eye out for some serious happenings with the Music section coming up. We’ve got interviews and a ton of new music to share with you all. Also, Kayte and I are attending the Justin Martin & Ardalan show at Middle East on Saturday so make sure you holler if you’ll be in attendance.

Anyways… enjoy!


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