In this week’s Friday Music Playlist we’ll be featuring….G-House!!

G-House, otherwise known as Ghetto House or “booty house”, is like House music’s naughty cousin. These tracks typically feature 808 and 909 drum machine driven beats with explicit lyrics (often remixes of rap songs) that you can bump to! Popularized in Chicago during the late 1980s G-House has encountered a meteoric rise of late largely due to the prominence of HARD Events (HARD Summer and HARD Day of the Dead) on the West Coast and it’s sister festival, Holy Ship! Both HARD and Holy Ship! are spearheaded by G-House legend Destructo (aka Gary Richards). I’ve featured a lesser-known Destructo track on this playlist called “West Coast”, but I recommend you check out Gary’s other popular tracks Dare You 2 Move, Stand Up, Party Up and my personal favorite, Higher.

G-House is also gaining a huge amount of popularity in Brazil right now and artists like Dash Groove are slowly finding a great deal of success in the United States with tracks like You See Me (featured on this playlist).

If you’re looking to party and want some upbeat music to bump to… then definitely give G’d Up From The Feet Up a listen this weekend!


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