Hi all!

This week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist is a collection of Deep House tracks that I’ve been collecting over the past year. It’s a longer playlist, as I had about 100 tracks to pick from for this genre, but I tried to build it up progressively from beginning to end. It starts with some softer tracks from the likes of TACHES and cassian but by the time you hit Benson the playlist will be bouncing with some heavier house tracks that I really love.

I recommend that you check all of the artists featured on this playlist but some of my favorites are Netherlands-based Kav Verhouzer, SNBRN (who put on an outstanding set at Electric Forest), and Fractal System — who’s Brazilian Deep House music is blowing up the charts right now along with the rest of his label-mates at Zero Eleven Music.

In other news, make sure you follow #pineapplediscosquad on Instagram for all the updates on mine and Kayte’s concert-goings. We’re pretty easy to find since we carry about this Pineapple Dirtybird Disco totem/sign with us at most shows. If you ever see us, come say hello!

Also — watch this, it’s hilarious.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great weekend.


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