Hello all!

This week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist features a number of Deep House tracks that I’ve had on tap for a while now. I took special care compiling this playlist as I was trying to capture a unique, chill vibe with songs that — in my opinion — most aptly represent the core of what Deep House is all about. The definition of Deep House is a bit murky among music connoisseurs — but I think the true essence of the genre is captured by tracks that encourage you to dance while simultaneously touching your soul with smooth bass-lines and poignant lyrics. Finding the perfect balance on a track can lead to some truly beautiful music, and it’s one of the main reasons why so many of my playlists feature songs in this wide-ranging genre. For this playlist, my favorite tracks on this playlist are Fabian Luttenberger‘s – “Vague” and Teemid‘s remix of “King & Cross”. I feel that both of these tracks embody that unique combination of bass, lyrics, and ambient groove that I seek in a House track.

Without further ado, I present to you — Vun Deeper

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