With only one week left until the Dirtybird Campout I’ve decided to release an extra-special Friday Music Playlist featuring all of the artists from the lineup in the order that they are scheduled to perform!

As many of you know, over the past two years Dirtybird Records has become a constant source of inspiration, creativity, quality music, and just good ol’ fashion fun for me and Kayte. As a result, the inaugural Dirtybird Campout is sure to be a culmination of all the things we love about a Dirtybird party. Kayte and I are rolling deep with a crew of about 16 friends and friends-of-friends to Southern California next week — and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you all when we get back.

Though we travel to many music festivals, the Campout is sure to be a unique experience because they’re steering away from the traditional festival mold and introducing a more interactive experience for their fans. Kayte and I attend music festivals for the opportunity to take a break from our adult lives and feel like a kid again. Dirtybird clearly recognizes this commonality in their fan-base and are subsequently hosting Games & Activities like archery, dodgeball, kickball, face painting, and capture the flag during day to allow this unique mass of 21+ year oldsto live carefree again… you know, sort of like they’re going back to summer camp!

Anyways, you’ll notice a mix of two primary genres on this playlist, Tech House and Drum n Bass. I haven’t featured much “DnB” music on previous Friday Music Playlists as it’s a genre that’s heavier and less popular (in the US) than it’s dance music counterpart. With that being said, many of the Dirtybird artists are huge DnB fans themselves — so naturally their first music festival was a perfect opportunity to highlight the music that they are listening to for their fans along with the music they’ve created.

Enough from me — enjoy the playlist, and have a great weekend!


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