This week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist titled “Dad… I feel weeeeeird” is a compilation of the weirdest and most unique Tech House tracks I’ve found over the last year. I’ve been a little sick lately, just a seasonal head cold, but I think all of the Sudafed has me feeling a bit more, ummm, “wonky” than usual. Naturally, I had to make a playlist to match!

There are a couple outstanding tracks on this playlist including Dirtybird Records artist Kill Frenzy‘s release titled “Answering Machine” — which I was first heard at the Dirtybird Campout two weeks ago — along with two tracks from another Dirtybird Campout artist that I’m really excited about Sacha Robotti. In a weekend full of amazing Tech House, Sascha threw down one of the best sets of the weekend and then absolutely crushed his most recent mix on Claude VonStroke’s weekly podcast The Birdhouse, where he featured both of the tracks on this playlist. Along with revealing these two banges from Sacha, Claude’s “The Birdhouse” podcast also introduced me to the label Incorrect Music and have been hooked on their style ever since. Make sure you check out Touchtalk‘s track “Hypnotize”.

 What I most love about these songs is that they deviate from what would be considered a “normal” House track. Many of them lack the same structure that your would find in a traditional UK House song and most incorporate strange alien-like sounds intended to disorient or distract the listener — while still producing quality Tech House. I discovered a large number of these tracks in sets of some of my favorite artists off Dirtybird, Hot Creations, VisionQuest and Desert Hearts record labels. There are so many mixes out there and so many quality House tracks that sometimes the lesser-known tracks (or lesser-known artists) that are played between a “big-name” artists main-stays go unnoticed and don’t get the credit they deserve. In this week’s playlist I tried to make sure that those sorts of tracks got their time in the spotlight.




Images courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram

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