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I’m across the pond this week, in London, and the weather is wet and dreary, as is typical of early-Fall in London. While the weather may be dull, the city itself is vibrant and full of wonderful, kind, and intriguing people. Not to mention all of the beautiful architecture and history that litters every corner. It’s crazy walking into a pub that was “rebuilt” in 1667 (after the Great Fire of London) and considering that people were drinking in this pub long before cities or towns had been established in North America. While I’ve been to Europe before, returning as a (relatively) self-sufficient adult helps you consider the evolution of Western society and especially how the United Kingdom’s period of global colonization impacted and shaped the culture I live in today.

Anyways, enough about my personal experiences. London is truly a Mecca for House music. Many of the world’s greatest DJs are from, or hold residencies in England and frequent London nightclubs seeking the same impassioned listeners that brought them from the Underground to the mainstream when they were first starting out. I’ll be fortunate to catch one of my favorite Dirtybird affiliated DJs, Eats Everything, this weekend at Fabric London. Fabric is ranked as the #15 club in the world according to DJ Mag so I’m incredibly excited to experience another club off this list.

Since I’m in for a wild weekend, I’ve decided to take it on easy on my ears this afternoon with the second iteration of the Chill House music playlist series appropriate titled, Chill House Rd. 2. The playlist features some of my favorite mellow tracks that I’ve been collecting over the past few months. While not all of these tracks fall under the House genre — most of them have some up-tempo components despite their subdued melodies. Chill House is certainly not my curated specialty, but I really enjoy this style of music as a relaxation aid so it’s the perfect genre to take me into the weekend on this dreary day in London.

So, without further ado — I present to you, Chill House Rd. 2! (hey.. that rhymed)

If you enjoy this style of music, make sure you check out the first iteration of this series “Chill House” featured below:

all images featured are courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram account

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