This week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist features a compilation of House tracks that I’ve been curating for the last few months. These tracks are considerably more mainstream than my recent playlists and have a pop/dance vibe to them that should resonate with those of you that like House music — but maybe aren’t into the tech-y or bassy sound that one commonly finds in a Dirtybird Records or This Ain’t Bristol track. I wanted to compile this music playlist to help promote the “bouncier” side of House music — the side that’s at the core of what House music started as in the 80’s and 90’s.

There are a number of well-known DJs and producers on this playlist including the Saunderson brothers (Dantiez and Kevin), Alex Metric, Chris Lorenzo, Thee Cool Cats, and Bunny Tiger‘s Sharam Jay. I had the pleasure of meeting Gerry and Tony of Thee Cool Cats a few weeks ago at HARD Day of the Dead in Los Angeles. There aren’t a lot of Mexico-based Producer/DJs out there so it was great to see them having success in the States and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process. Although my interaction with them was brief they seemed like great guys so I’m hoping we cross paths again somewhere down the line.

Also — I had to include one of the most popular House tracks of the year. “House Every Weekend” by David Zowie (DZ) was released this Summer and has already amassed nearly 8 million plays on SoundCloud. Our friend and former Mass Musings interviewee Billy Kenny dropped this track during his set at HARD Day of the Dead and the crowd went bonkers! So naturally I had to share the love.

Without further ado enjoy this week’s Friday House Music Playlist, House Every Weekend!


images courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram page — check them out, these girls are awesome!

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