This week I’ve decided to put together a few of my favorite Bass House tracks out right now for this week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist titled: Hot Damn! That’s a Jam.

If you follow these playlists regularly then there will be a lot of familiar names on this list like Will Clarke, Kyle Watson, and Billy Kenny. Similar to the Dirtybird Records and This Ain’t Bristol vibe that we’ve featured a few times on these playlists, this week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist features two other House labels that have been killing it lately: Amine Edge & DANCE‘s label CUFF and Main Course — which is operated by Neoteric, Astronomar, and Bot.

All of these tracks bring a level of intensity that can set the vibe on the dance floor and turn any night at the club into into a night that you’ll never forget. I was first introduced to many of these tracks while at HARD Day of the Dead over Halloween weekend and have spent the last few weeks combing SoundCloud trying to find them. That very special weekend I fell in love with three tracks in particular: the first is Brooklyn-based tandem Walker & Royce‘s remix of 12 Stories’ “Bright Lights” which has been one of the hottest tracks for House DJs over the last few months. The second is a This Ain’t Bristol release by Marc Spence titled “Nasty” which is just plain naughty, and the third is a recently released Dirtybird track titled “Don’t Give A Fuck Style” by This Ain’t Bristol’s Maximono — unfortunately there’s only a preview available on SoundCloud for the last track, so I stuck it at the end of the playlist. I’m certain that a full version will be available via YouTube in the upcoming weeks.

We’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up for Mass Musings over the next few weeks, so make sure you stay tuned!

Enjoy this week’s Friday Music Playlist and have a FANTASTIC weekend.


*all images courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram account

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