For this week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist I’ve decided to try something a bit different. Lately we’ve been featuring a multitude of House DJ/Producers and Playlists on Mass Musings… but House music isn’t the only genre out there releasing amazing music. Though I’d consider myself wildly uneducated about most genres outside of House music, I’ve managed to capture a few songs that I really enjoy listening to over the past year of crawling SoundCloud. It was grey and foggy this morning in Boston so I’ve decided consolidate this list of down-tempo tracks into one playlist to get you through this Friday afternoon and into the evening with a smile.

While many of these songs are still considered “electronic” music — they have a very different feel than a House track or an EDM track (like something Diplo and Skrillex would produce). Staying consistent with my taste, most of these songs still feature a strong bass-line and many of them have a quality vocal sample laid over the beat. There’s always something about a well-done (and well mixed) vocal sample that ignites your bones and sends a chill down your spine.

We have a few exciting things to announce for the beginning of 2016 so keep your eyes open for tweets / instagrams from myself and Kayte over the next few weeks. It’s been a pleasure growing this section of the blog in 2015 and a special thank you to all the people who made that possible by listening, reading, interviewing, and interacting with us online and at shows.

Without further ado I present to you this week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist: Float Away…


* all imaged courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram account — these girls are awesome, check them out on twitter as well @napgirls

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