Keeping it simple this week with the third round of the Deep Melodic House series for this iteration of the Friday Music Playlist. If you’e been following these playlists over the last year you know that the Deep Melodic series is one of my favorite genres of all. While I spend a ton of time listening to the Dirtybird / tech house / booty house genre, I think that the core of my house music taste truly resides in the smooth, ambient rhythms of deep melodic house.

I’ve always found it interesting how my music taste will change along with the seasons. While Summer vibes tend to lean towards bouncy, bass-y dance music; my Winter taste tends to me much deeper, darker and ambient. I’m sure someone could run a study on the correlation between Vitamin D consumption and music taste — perhaps I just inspired one of you genius’ out there!

If you like this playlist, make sure you check out Round 1 and Round 2 of this series.

Enough chitter-chatter for today. Have a great weekend and enjoy Deep Melodic House Rd. 3!

*all images courtesy of the @disco_naps instagram account


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