Hey guys,

This week’s Friday Music Playlist features a series of smooth tech-y tracks. Does it sound like House-y elevator music to you? Well good, just keep listening — It’s good for your soul, I promise.

While I understand that, as a whole, most of the stuff I listen to sounds pretty similar, it’s the intricate differences that make listening and curating music rewarding for me. While I’ve incorporated some artists on this playlist that I feature often such as Jamie Jones, Ardalan, and Serge Devant. There are also some names on here that I’ve never listened to before (and may never listen to again). I suppose that’s the magic of music, anyone can make something that catches your ear and brings some satisfaction to your soul.

Anyways, if you’ve got some time to chill out this weekend and need some relaxing vibes — give these a try.

The artwork is a piece titled “Consumption” by Molly K. This girl’s got some serious talent so make sure you check out her collection of work on her website.



  1. Molly

    This playlist is dope. Stoned Saturday morning dancing my apartment clean before the farmers market. Windows open. Sun shining in. Life is good.

    • That sounds like exactly our type of Saturday 😉 Glad you enjoyed!!

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