Hello music peoples!

Typically the Friday Music Playlist is a showcase of the hottest tracks in House music but this week we’ve decided to do something a bit different and feature some of the Funky Fresh tunes we’ve been grooving to over the past few weeks. We’re currently visiting our friends Cousin Phil and Ellie in Chicago, and Phil’s stellar vinyl collection has inspired me to dig a little deeper into my library for tracks that capture the hip-hop / funk vibe that first attracted me to electronic music back in 2008. Glitch hip, trip hop, electro-funk, whatever you want to call it — these tracks are all smooth little ditties to take you into the weekend smiling.

Also, we have the immense pleasure of featuring another amazing piece of artwork by the mega-talented Molly K. This piece, titled “A Life of Money Over Passion”, will hit close to home to many of us who slave away at jobs we are not passionate about from 9 to 5 on Monday through Friday. While it’s certainly one of Molly’s darker pieces, I personally find it’s construction, message, and aesthetic astonishingly simple, beautiful and unique. If you’d like to check out more of Molly’s work, make sure that you check out her website!

Without further ado — here’s “Funky Fresh”!

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