After a long overdue hiatus, we’re back with this week’s iteration of the Friday Music Playlist titled, “Let’s Take a Trip”. It’s fitting that the title of this week’s playlist is “Let’s Take a Trip” as I feel as if I’ve been away from music for a while. Kayte and I were discussing yesterday how music (and in particular the Tech House and House music that we listen to) comes and goes in waves. Sometimes I’ll scroll through my SoundCloud and feel like every song that comes on is the next big hit, and other times (like lately) I struggle to find just one new track that I enjoy. Maybe I’m just a snob, maybe the market is too saturated, or maybe producers were just taking a little break from the studio before packing it in for the Winter… who knows.

What I do know is that it will come around, it always does. House music has been around longer than I’ve been a fan (and longer than I’ve been alive) and it’s had it’s peaks and valleys — and will continue on that path until it’s very end. So, for now, I’ll ride the oscillations — I mean isn’t that half the fun?

Subsequently, I’ve been sitting on this music playlist for a while — these tracks are what I’ve had on repeat for the last few months. You’ll notice that there are a number of artists that we’ve featured before on Mass Musings music playlists including… Jesse Rose‘s new track on Seth Troxler‘s label (Play It, Say It), PAWSA, PBR Streetgang, Patrick Topping, Josh Brown, Walker & Royce, and SEFF. As well as some newcomers with Ruben MandoliniThe Deepshakerz tune of Cajmere‘s labal (Cajual), Du Serena, Anna, Solardo, and DJ Godfather‘s new Perfect Driver hit with Chicago House legend DJ Deeon.



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