I love pretty much any holiday, especially if it involves food. So, naturally Thanksgiving (another holiday that’s been totally commercialized but hey… if you feed me green bean casserole I’ll take it) has become a favorite of mine. Normally these times of celebration are geared towards spending quality moments with family and bonding over turkey. But who’s to say that has to be the only way to give thanks? 

They say that your friends are the family you choose. So, why not join the rest of our generation and be thankful amongst your friends for Friendsgiving? It’s like all of the positive parts of your family Thanksgiving, minus the crazy uncles and awkward conversations with distant cousins. You get to drink and be merry and stuff your face with your crew, and then get horizontal and chill out without worrying if you’re up for the next round of charades. 

This year, I had a mini- Friendsgiving with Dan of The Food In My Beard and Steven of Stray With Me. If we are being totally honest, I’m not the best cook. I can follow a recipe and produce a solid, rather tasty meal, but when it comes to culinary prowess, Dan takes the cake. This year, he made us unreal squash tamales, complete with cranberry filling. It was the perfect twist on a holiday classic. Obviously I washed mine down with IZZE sparkling pomegranate (my favorite flavor yet!) because really what Friendsgiving would be complete without it? 

Want to cook a Friendsgiving feast of your own? Head over to The Food In My Beard for the complete tamale recipe and stock up on your favorite IZZE flavor! Tag your pics with #massmusings so I can see how you celebrated at home with your friends. Happy Eating!

*This is a sponsored post – all opinions are my own

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